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Leading Technology: The History of Transformers

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 Faraday invented an "inductor ring" on August 29, 1831, called the "Faraday induction coil", which is actually the world's first transformer prototype.
 But Faraday only used it to demonstrate the principle of electromagnetic induction, and did not consider it can have practical use.
 In 1881, Lucien Gaulard and John Dixon Gibbs showed something in London called "The equipment of the second-hand generator, and then sold the technology to Westinghouse, which may be the first practical power transformer, but it is not the earliestTransformer.
 In 1884, Lussen Gorard and John Dixon Gibbs demonstrated their equipment in the city of Turin, Italy, which uses electric lighting. Early transformer adoption The straight core was later replaced by a more effective toroidal core. Westinghouse engineer William Steiner from George Westinghouse, Lussen Gorard and Covenant After the purchase of transformer patents by John Dixon Gibbs, the first practical transformer was built in 1885. Later, the core of the transformer was made up of E-shaped iron sheets. It was formed and commercialized in 1886.The transformer transformation principle was first discovered by Faraday, but it was not until the 1880s that practical applications began. DC and AC should be output at the power plant In the competition of electricity, the ability of AC to use a transformer is one of its advantages. The transformer can convert the electrical energy into a high voltage, low current form and then convert it back.
 Therefore, the loss of electric energy during the transportation process is greatly reduced, so that the economical transportation distance of the electric energy is further. In this way, the power plant can be built away from use.Electric place. Most of the world's electricity has reached a series of transformers before it reaches the users.
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